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Yellow Bath Towel - Delmor FIT Ochre

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Meet your new generation, 100% recycled Delmor Fit Ochre bath towel. Undyed with vintage color and cabana strips, it’s light, absorbent and quick dry.


What are The Features of Delmor FIT Ochre Bath Towel?

  • Produced in different sizes: Each of the Delmor FIT Ochre Bath Towels are designed and made within a specific size range. These sizes differ from extra small to 2x extra-large, ensuring that each and every one of our customers has an option perfectly tailored to their size! The sizes take into consideration and measure the chest, waist and hips and are provided in an easy to read sizing chart that is labelled in inches.
  • Fast-drying: The Delmor FIT Ochre Bath Towel is made of materials that are designed to dry quickly, ensuring that even a used towel is not left damp. One of the main contributors to bathrooms having foul smells is damp towels that do not dry quickly enough. With the Delmor FIT Ochre Bath Towel, you can be sure that your bathroom will be left smelling pristine and your bath towels feeling soft and dry! 
  • Light: Another feature that makes the Delmor FIT Ochre Bath Towel so popular is the fact that it is extremely light. this ensures that carrying the towel in your beach bag or even over your shoulders is extremely easy! The beach towels also come with a reusable bag that ensures that transporting the towel is easy. 

How is The Delmor FIT Ochre Bath Towel Manufactured?

The Delmor FIT Ochre Bath Towel is manufactured through sustainable and ecological processes, using only recycled materials to make and design this bath towel. The towel is produced by using 100% recycled materials, 70% of which comes from the leftover fabric of three t-shirts and the remaining 30% comes from 7 used plastic bottles that are turned into polyester yarn. This manufacturing process ensures that each of the products that are designed by Green Petition is sustainable and contributes towards creating a better tomorrow. 

How Absorbent Are The Delmor FIT Ochre Bath Towels?

The Delmor FIT Ochre Bath Towels are super absorbent bath towels that have been designed to absorb liquid quickly and then dry out as fast as possible. This ensures that towels can be reused within the same day without being damp or uncomfortable. For a super absorbent and light bath towel option, customers should look no further than the stunning and sustainable Delmor FIT Ochre Bath Towel from Green Petition. 

How Has The Delmor FIT Ochre Bath Towel Been Designed?

The design of the Delmor FIT Ochre Bath Towel is based on timeless elegance, ensuring that not only is the towel one that will be sure to last thanks to the fantastic quality, but it is also one that will remain in style for years to come! The beautiful stripes and timeless colour design ensures that this bath towel will fit in with nearly every type of bathroom, and will adapt spaces as they change over the years. The beautiful and eco-friendly Delmor FIT Ochre Bath Towel has been designed to create a space that is sure to look beautiful for years to come. 

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