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Get FREE shipping on orders above $50 on qualified products. Read vendor policies.

Plastic-free packaging: Every seller has pledged to package your order without any plastic!

Eco-friendly products from Mindful Vendors from Canada, the USA & Worldwide

Sustainable, Eco-friendly Marketplace

Zero-waste: Re-usable products for you and your family


Eco-Friendly, Zero-Waste, and Sustainable Store Online Marketplace with Plastic-Free Packaging

The artisans and the sellers at ZellJoy, The Mindful Marketplace, have pledged to package your orders without plastic.

ZellJoy sellers are carefully selected and products are curated by the founders of ZellJoy for its sustainability, eco-friendly and fairtrade values.

All sustainable products are packaged plastic-free and sold by mindful vendors who care about our earth and the environment!

Discover sustainable products sold by mindful sellers from Canada, the USA, and all over the world!

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Read what our customers say

We let our reviews speak for themselves.

I gave this blue quartz necklace as an anniversary gift to my m in law and she lives them! It sparkles!!

Sarah G

LoVerified Customer

Excellent!. Would absolutely recommend. Great website and service!

Cynthia C.

Verified Customer

Beautiful. Just as I anticipated it should look

Karen K.

Verified Customer

Good quality and met my expectations

Jill L.

Loyal Customer

These earrings are so pretty, and very well made. For the price point, I highly recommend buying from this shop.

Jenny A.

Verified Customer

My wife loves these. Inexpensive and attractive.

John M.

Verified Customer









Our Story

ZELLJOY, a 🍁 Canadian Sustainable Marketplace and an online sustainable store,, shipping to Canada, the USA, and the rest of the world!

Founded by two friends from Oakville, Ontario, Canada. The two moms to young kids who are artists, tired of selling their products on other large marketplaces, launched their own sustainable online marketplace to unite like-minded sellers with a common goal of selling sustainable and eco-friendly products packaged PLASTIC-FREE.

Sustainable Store | Sustainable Marketplace for Eco-Friendly, Zero-Waste & Plastic-Free products

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What makes ZellJoy a Sustainable Marketplace?

We at ZellJoy believe a sustainable marketplace promotes social, economic, and environmental sustainability in our products, services, and business practices.

These factors define our sustainable marketplace:

  • Social Responsibility: As a sustainable marketplace, we prioritize fair labor practices, community involvement, and ethical sourcing. We review all mindful vendor's products and services before onboarding to ZellJoy.
  • Environmental Sustainability: We at ZellJoy minimize the ecological impact by asking our mindful sellers to package their orders with plastic-free packaging, reducing waste, promoting sustainable sourcing manufacturing, and offering carbo-neutral shipping practices.
  • Ethical Business Practices: As a sustainable marketplace, we at ZellJoy prioritize transparency and honesty in all business operations. We strive to have an open dialogue with our mindful sellers.
  • Customer Education: ZellJoy always works to educate our customers on sustainable practices and offers products and services that align with sustainable values and support sustainable choices.

Overall, ZellJoy prioritizes the well-being of people and the planet as a sustainable marketplace and seeks to create long-term value for all our mindful buyers and sellers.

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Let's live a sustainable life & save our Planet!

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