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Rainbow Beach Towel 40”x70”

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The vibrantly coloured 100% Recycled Viva Beach Towel has many fantastic qualities that ensure it would be a great welcome to your beach memories.
Viva Beach Towel is undyed with a vintage color and cabana strips, it’s light, absorbent and quick dry.

Is The Viva Beach Towel Eco-Friendly?

Yes, the Viva Beach Towel has been produced using only recycled materials through processes that look to conserve as many natural resources as possible! The eco-friendly and sustainable design of the products ensures that the Viva Beach Towel will be the perfect addition to your beach bag for years to come! The simplicity behind the design has been done intentionally, ensuring that it is an item that will never go out of style!
Along with having been designed with intention, the process of creating the eco-friendly Viva Beach Towel saves around 5000 liters of water! Processes of creating materials from scratch use tons of water, and so recycling and using materials that have already been made is just one way that we are creating an eco-friendly and sustainable brand!

What Material is The Viva Beach Towel made of?

The Viva Beach Towel has been made using only recycled materials, with 70% having been taken from the recycled cotton of leftover fabric from five t-shirts and the remaining 30% from the polyester cotton of 10 used plastic bottles. The sustainable   Viva Beach Towel is made using only the best recycled materials, and the processes that the materials go through to reach the final product ensure that you receive only the highest quality product! For an absorbent, lightweight and comfortable beach towel to accompany you on your days spent along the coast, look no further than the vibrant and colorful   Viva Beach Towel!

What Size is The Viva Beach Towel?

The recycled Viva Beach Towel comes in 100×180 cm (40”x70”)

How absorbent is The Viva Beach Towel?

The lightweight Viva Beach Towel is super absorbent, drying you quickly and easily. The beach towel is also very quick to dry once it has absorbed excess water, taking around half the time that a normal beach towel would to fully dry after being used. These quick-dry and lightweight features work together to ensure that you not only have the most stylish towel on the beach but also one that is fully functional and extremely comfortable. For a brand that you can trust to supply you with the most functional and beautiful beach towels around, look no further than Green Petition!

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