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Making of Seaweed Plastic Alternatives! Wow!


Norway's material science company B'ZEOS works with corporations worldwide to replace single-use plastics with seaweed-based alternatives. 

Image from https://www.bzeos.com


These seaweed-based plastic alternatives are entirely biodegradable. Made with green manufacturing processes and renewably sourced biomaterials, B'ZEOS plastic alternatives are a fantastic discovery!

B'ZEOS stands for 


Zero waste


marine Origin


The company produces – human food grade and edible plastic alternatives made with farmed kelp.


B'ZEOS first product was an edible drinking straw.

Starting with an edible drinking straw, it has grown its alternative packaging with Aitiip, a Spanish plastic manufacturer, and Nestle. 

Plastisea, an organization that supports the development of novel bioplastic materials based on cultivated and wild species of brown algae, has given B'ZEOS an EU-funded grant.


Why Seaweed is sustainable?

Seaweed doesn't need any pesticides, fertilizers, or fresh water. Therefore, Seaweed makes it a great alternative to land-grown and crop-based biomaterials. 

Seaweed is also incredibly effective at absorbing CO2 while it grows. It improves water quality by extracting harmful nutrients such as nitrogen from the sea.

B'ZEOS's production processes do not use toxic chemicals. 

The company invites businesses to get in touch with ideas for collaboration.

4, Tøyenbekken 0188 Oslo


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Making of Seaweed Plastic Alternatives! Wow!

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