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Looking for a Zero-Waste Mindful Online Marketplace?

 Zero-Waste Mindful Online Marketplace

At ZellJoy, our sellers pledge to package their products without plastic and we guarantee that your order is carbon neutral when shipped. You, as a customer, can choose to make your purchase carbon-neutral. If you choose not to, ZellJoy will automatically make your order carbon-neutral. Curious about "Carbon-neutral"? Click here to learn more.

These actions result in fewer toxins in our air, water, landfills, and bodies to live a happier, healthier, and plastic-free life. Who doesn't love that?


ZellJoy Zero-waste packaging design for eco-friendly living

Plastic pollution has become one of the most important environmental issues to date. Over 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic (estimated) are in the ocean, with 8.75 million metric tons added every year [One Percent for the Planet]


What are Microplastics?

We've all, at some point, neglected to recycle and dispose of our plastics properly. When those larger pieces of plastic make their way to the ocean, they eventually weather and break down into tiny pieces of plastic, which are named 'microplastics'.

These tiny pieces of plastic are a growing problem in our oceans, affecting marine life, mistaking it for food. Some marine life starves to death, with bellies full of microplastics.
More importantly, plankton cannot produce oxygen due to microplastics, and the majority of our oxygen on Earth comes from these oceanic creatures. 


It's easy to make a simple switch with a few of your everyday products, and these changes can add up over time. If you are not ready to fully make the switch yet, there are many DIY videos online on how to reuse your products to give them a second life instead of throwing them away. Some of my favorites include turning plastic water bottles into bird feeders.


Zero waste solutions contribute to a healthier planet and healthier communities for future generations.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

The linear model of the "traditional" way of producing things is a "take, make, waste." 


Finite resources are extracted from the Earth. Those resources are shipped off to production, the product is bought and consumed, and then disposed of and most likely in a landfill. 


The more sustainable way of living is by using a more "circular" model. We all know the old saying of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! This model keeps resources in a loop by being recovered and reused to make other products without extracting more finite resources. They can even help give back to the environment. Zero waste drives change while making an environmental impact a priority. 


Zero waste conserves resources, reduces emissions, and better aligns with Nature.

One of the easiest methods to be more careful with our energy use and resources is by using more zero waste and plastic-free ideas. 


What would Nature do?

As the world becomes more focused on being more eco-friendly, researchers worldwide are asking the question, "What would Nature do"? Getting to the root cause of a problem doesn't always call for complex solutions. 

By asking this question, we are reminded that Nature doesn't produce waste. In Nature and the natural world, the by-product of one system is simply fed into another system. 

Humans have created a linear model for the waste, which harms our planet. 

Adopting a natural approach based on a zero-waste model, we can conserve resources and reduce emissions through production, consumption, reuse, packaging, etc.


The environmental impact of e-commerce

What makes ZellJoy different from Amazon and Etsy?

ZellJoy is a community marketplace selling ethical, handmade, and small-scale production goods that are sustainable, fairtrade, and eco-friendly, focusing on plastic-free packaging. By being a sustainable online marketplace, we are committed to making mindful decisions that positively impact our planet for future generations by having sustainable products packaged without plastic. 


Shopping online mindfully

When choosing an online marketplace to shop at, we urge you to be more mindful and consider the impact a marketplace and its products have on the environment.

  • Question where your product is made.
  • Is it ethically made?
  • What are the working conditions of the employees?
  • Is overnight shipping necessary?
  • Plan your buying ahead to avoid next-day shipping.
  • Will my order be packaged without plastic?

How would my buying decision impact our environment and, finally, "do I want it or do I need it?." Is there a more environmentally-friendly option if I simply "want it"? By being mindful of the small decisions you make every day, you can make a significant impact collectively over time.


You have the power!

Consumers hold the power and most consumers today choose convenience over principle. E-commerce alone jumped 32% in 2020, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. 

That extra convenience during the pandemic from big brand online marketplaces like Amazon means more plastic packaging that ended up in landfills and more emissions from overnight fast shipping. Not to mention the life cycle of the actual product that was delivered and whether it was eco-friendly or zero-waste friendly. Not every product sold at Amazon is sustainable or eco-friendly. Not every seller on Etsy is handmade with environmental impact in mind. With ZellJoy, a mindful online marketplace, you never have to worry about buying something that will harm the environment. 


Our Journal and Pen Gift Sets are the only zero-waste journals taking on deforestation and climate change. You can choose where you want your tree planted, the vendor matches your contribution, and you get a zero waste journal. Each journal is hand-wrapped with recycled kraft paper to protect the exterior. Finally, each journal is nestled inside a 100% compostable biodegradable bubble mailer on its final journey into your hands. By partnering with our tree planting partners Tree&Journal, they donate a portion of proceeds to TreeSisters, which supports reforestation programs within the tropics through feminine nature-based leadership. 

E-commerce and its environmental impacts don't have to be complicated. Choosing to shop at a sustainable marketplace like ZellJoy takes the guesswork out because our products are sustainable, have small-scale production, and are zero waste.

By shopping mindfully and thinking about your environmental impact when online shopping, you can give back to the Earth and not take away from it. 


Shop mindfully at ZellJoy and join ZellJoy plastic-free movement!

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Looking for a Zero-Waste Mindful Online Marketplace?