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Most sustainable ways to celebrate graduation this year and why it matters

Most sustainable ways to celebrate graduation this year and why it matters

Celebrate Your Graduation Sustainably

Graduation is a significant milestone in one's life, marking the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. It is a time to celebrate academic achievements and personal growth and reflect on the journey taken thus far. However, with the ongoing pandemic and the threat of climate change, celebrating graduation sustainably is more important than ever. This article will explore the most sustainable ways to celebrate graduation this year and why it matters.


Why Celebrating Graduation Sustainably Matters

Celebrating graduation sustainably matters for several reasons. First and foremost, it helps reduce our carbon footprint, which is critical in the fight against climate change. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the Earth's temperature is projected to rise by 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels by 2040. This will have disastrous consequences for the planet, including rising sea levels, more frequent extreme weather events, and biodiversity loss.

Celebrating graduation sustainably helps promote environmental awareness and encourages others to do the same. By setting an example, graduates can inspire their friends, family, and communities to adopt sustainable practices in their daily lives.

Finally, celebrating graduation sustainably can save money. Many sustainable practices, such as using public transportation, reducing food waste, and buying second-hand clothing, are cost-effective.


Most Sustainable Ways to Celebrate Graduation

1. Have a Virtual Ceremony

A virtual ceremony is one of the most sustainable ways to celebrate graduation this year. Virtual ceremonies reduce carbon emissions associated with travel, as graduates and their families do not need to travel to a physical location. They also reduce the waste generated from physical graduation ceremonies, such as disposable water bottles and graduation programs.

Virtual ceremonies can be as meaningful as physical ceremonies, with speeches, awards, and the opportunity for graduates to walk across a virtual stage. They also allow graduates to invite family and friends worldwide to participate in the celebration, regardless of their location.


2. Host a Sustainable Graduation Party

    If you choose to host a graduation party, there are several ways to make it more sustainable. First, choose a venue that is easily accessible by public transportation or walking, and this will reduce carbon emissions associated with travel.

    Second, choose sustainable decorations, such as biodegradable balloons and reusable party banners. Avoid using single-use plastic decorations, such as balloons and confetti, contributing to plastic pollution.

    Third, serve sustainable food and drinks. Choose local, organic, and seasonal food, and avoid pre-packaged snacks and beverages. Consider serving vegetarian or vegan options with a lower carbon footprint than meat-based dishes.

    Finally, minimize waste by providing reusable plates, cups, and utensils or asking guests to bring their own. Compost any food waste and recycle as much as possible.


    3. Buy Sustainable Graduation Attire

      Graduation attire, such as caps and gowns, can be wasteful and contribute to the fashion industry's negative environmental impact. To celebrate graduation sustainably, consider buying or renting sustainable graduation attire.

      To celebrate graduation sustainably is to prioritize ethical and sustainable fashion choices beyond graduation attire. Graduates can shop from sustainable fashion brands that prioritize ethical and sustainable production practices, such as using organic or recycled materials and providing fair labor conditions for workers. Several companies offer sustainable graduation attire from recycled materials, such as plastic bottles and fishing nets. These companies also prioritize ethical and fair labor practices in their production processes.

      If buying or renting sustainable graduation attire is not an option, consider borrowing or purchasing second-hand clothing. Many graduates sell their graduation attire online, or you can check with your school to see if they have a loan program for graduation attire. 


      4. Give Sustainable Gifts

      Gift-giving is a common tradition during graduation season, but it can also be a source of waste and contribute to consumerism. To celebrate graduation sustainably, consider giving sustainable gifts that promote environmental awareness and reduce waste.

      Some sustainable gift ideas include:

      • Reusable water bottles or coffee mugs to reduce the use of single-use plastic bottles and cups: A reusable water bottle is a practical and sustainable gift that can be used daily to reduce the use of single-use plastic bottles. Look for bottles made from sustainable materials such as stainless steel or glass.
      • A subscription to a sustainable magazine or online publication
      • A plant or tree to promote carbon sequestration and improve air quality: 

        A plant or tree is a great sustainable gift option that promotes carbon sequestration and improves air quality. It can also serve as a reminder of the graduate's achievement and growth. A donation to an environmental charity or organization in the graduate's name.

      • A sustainable fashion item, such as a reusable tote bag or a piece of clothing made from sustainable materials: A sustainable fashion item, such as a tote bag or clothing made from sustainable materials, is a stylish and eco-friendly gift option. Look for items made from organic cotton, recycled materials, or sustainably sourced fabrics.

      • A reusable straw or utensil set to reduce plastic waste: A reusable straw or utensil set is a practical gift that can help reduce plastic waste. Choose options made from sustainable materials such as bamboo or stainless steel.
      • A reusable food container or lunch box to reduce the use of single-use plastic bags and containers.
      • Donation to an Environmental Charity: Donating to an environmental charity in the graduate's name is a meaningful gift supporting important causes such as conservation, climate action, and sustainability.
      • Sustainable Food Hamper: A sustainable food hamper filled with organic, locally sourced, or fair trade products is a thoughtful gift that supports sustainable food production and consumption practices.
      • Sustainable Beauty or Personal Care Products: Sustainable beauty or personal care products made from natural, non-toxic, and sustainable ingredients are a great gift option. Look for products that come in eco-friendly packaging, such as refillable or reusable containers.
      • Eco-Friendly Tech Accessories: Eco-friendly tech accessories such as phone cases, laptop sleeves, and headphones made from sustainable materials like recycled plastic or bamboo are stylish and sustainable gift options.

      Look for items made from sustainable materials, produced using eco-friendly manufacturing processes, and are fair trade or ethically produced. These gifts support the environment and promote ethical and sustainable practices in production and consumption.

      Many sustainable gift options for graduation can promote environmental awareness and responsibility. We can celebrate graduates' achievements by choosing sustainable gifts while contributing to a more sustainable future.


      5. Plan Sustainable Travel

        If you plan to travel to celebrate graduation, consider sustainable travel options to reduce your carbon footprint. Instead of driving alone or taking a flight, consider taking public transportation, carpooling, or biking; these options can significantly reduce travel-related carbon emissions.

        If flying is necessary, choose airlines prioritizing sustainability and investing in carbon offsetting programs. Carbon offsetting programs allow travelers to pay to offset the carbon emissions associated with their flight by investing in projects that reduce carbon emissions, such as renewable energy projects.

        Celebrating graduation sustainably is more important than ever, given the threats posed by climate change and the need for environmental awareness. By choosing sustainable practices, such as hosting a virtual ceremony, hosting a sustainable graduation party, buying sustainable graduation attire, giving sustainable gifts, and planning sustainable travel, graduates can reduce their carbon footprint and inspire others to adopt sustainable practices in their daily lives. Celebrating graduation sustainably benefits the environment and can save money and promote social responsibility. As graduates embark on their next chapter, let us celebrate their achievements sustainably and set an example for future generations.

         In addition to the suggestions listed above, there are several other ways to celebrate graduation sustainably. For example, graduates can choose sustainable transportation options for their daily commute, such as biking or taking public transportation. They can also reduce energy consumption by turning off lights and electronics when not in use and using energy-efficient appliances.

        Finally, graduates can continue their education on sustainability by taking courses or attending workshops on environmental issues and sustainable practices. By continuing to learn and stay informed, graduates can become advocates for sustainability in their personal and professional lives.

        Celebrating graduation sustainably is crucial for the environment and can promote a more mindful and responsible approach to life. By making conscious choices and prioritizing sustainable practices, graduates can celebrate their achievements while contributing to a more sustainable future. It is up to each individual to take responsibility and make a positive impact, and celebrating graduation sustainably is just one way to do so. 

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