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Green Pool Peshtemal Towel

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Meet your new generation, organic blend Mare Lime peshtemal. Undyed with vintage color and cabana strips, it’s light, absorbent and quick dry.

Which Recycled Materials Used in The Mare Lime Peshtemal?

The Mare Lime peshtemal is made of a blend of recycled and organic materials. This blend is designed to ensure that each of the beautiful Peshtemal has been created with only the best materials, to produce the most spectacular final product. The 50% organic cotton portion of the Mare Lime peshtemal is soft to the touch and introduces a sense of luxury to the peshtemals. The recycled Mare Lime peshtemal materials consist of 25% of recycled cotton that is taken from the remaining material of one t-shirt and the other 25% is recycled from 3 consumed plastic bottles that are turned into polyester yarn. This sea-friendly Mare Lime peshtemal saves around 1500 litres of fresh water thanks to the use of this recycled material. 

What Are The Features of The Mare Lime Peshtemal?

  • Lightweight: The sustainable Mare Lime peshtemal is made to be lightweight and this ensures that it is easy to carry around and transport. Whether you are using it as a shawl or even as a beach towel, you can easily carry it around with you. The Mare Lime peshtemal also comes with a recycled bag that offers an easy transportation device, ensuring you can carry it wherever you go very easily. 
  • Quick to dry: Not only is the Mare Lime peshtemal light in weight but it is also quick to dry. For those who are hoping to use this handy product to enjoy the beach and sand or even the pool, you can use it knowing that it is very quick to dry. The material has been specially designed to dry in ha;f the time compared to other peshtemals and materials. 
  • Chemical and dye-free: The Mare Lime peshtemal is chemical and dye-free and the Lime colour that comes through on the peshtemal comes from the leftover fabric of the t-shirt that is used. Even with no dye or chemicals used to create the stunning lime colour, the peshtemal is still beautiful and vibrant! 
  • Timeless design: The Mare Lime peshtemal has been designed to be elegant and timeless to ensure that it lasts a customer for an extended amount of time. One of the major issues within the textile industry is that clothing and material are worn a few times and then thrown out since it is no longer in style. With the elegant and timeless beautify of the Mare Lime peshtemal, with the sunning and vibrant lime colour and timeless striped design, you can be sure that this item will be fashionable for years to come. 

How Absorbent is The Mare Lime Peshtemal?

The Mare Lime peshtemal has been developed to be extremely absorbent and the material absorbs any and all liquids quickly and then also dries in nearly half the time compared to other materials. These unique absorbent and quick-dry features are just two of the features that make this Mare Lime peshtemal so brilliant, and the perfect addition to any beach bag or swimwear clothing! 


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