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Blue Striped Beach Towel

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Meet your new generation, 100% recycled Delmor Capri beach towel. Undyed with vintage color and cabana strips, it’s light, absorbent and quick dry.

What Material is The Delmor Capri Beach Towel Made of?

The Delmor Capri beach towel is made from 100% recycled materials, ensuring that it is a product that has been developed with sustainability and eco-friendliness in mind. 70% of the recycled Delmor Capri beach towels composition is made from recycled cotton that is taken from the leftover material of around five t-shirts. This yarm also forms part of the colour that is added to the beach towel, ensuring that no dye or chemical is used to colour any of the products developed. The remaining 30% of the composition of the Delmor Capri beach towel is made from 10 used plastic bottles that are turned into polyester yarn. This composition ensures that not only is the Delmor Capri beach towel made to last but it is also a sustainably produced product. 

How Absorbent is The Delmor Capri Beach Towel?

The Delmor Capri beach towel is made from super absorbent materials that have been designed to absorb liquids and dry quickly! This unique feature is extremely useful, especially when at the beach or laying out by the pool as our towels tend to get extremely wet in these situations. With the Delmor Capri beach towel, you can be sure that it will soak up the water that comes into contact with it and then dry quickly. The Delmor Capri beach towel dries in half the time that a standard beach towel would, ensuring that it should be dry and ready to pack into your beach bag before you have even left the beach. 

Is The Delmor Capri Beach Towel a Good Quality Product?

The sustainable Delmor Capri beach towel has been made using only the finest recycled materials and it is sure to be a towel that will offer long-term use. The high-quality material and timeless design of the towel are two features that are worked into just about every product here at Green Petition. We not only strive to use 100% of recycled materials but we are also hoping to create products that will be used for years to come and not end up polluting our planet by landing up in landfills. Customers can therefore be sure that the Delmor Capri beach towel is made using only the highest quality of materials and through a process that is sure to design a durable and long-lasting product. 

How Has The Delmor Capri Beach Towel Been Designed?

The Delmor Capri beach towel has been designed using ideas that centre around simplicity and timelessness. A large factor that contributes to clothing items being thrown away in a short amount of time is that they go out of fashion. With the Delmor Capri beach towel, the beautiful colour and timeless striped design will ensure that it is an item that will be used for many years to come. This elegant design is part of the ethos we have here at Green Petition and it is something that we strive to achieve in not only the Delmor Capri beach towel but in each and every one of the products that we produce. 

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