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Wholesale Sustainable Products | Bulk Eco-Friendly Product Suppliers

Shop Wholesale & Bulk Sustainable Products From Around the World

Wholesale Sustainable Products | Bulk Eco-Friendly Product Suppliers

Welcome to ZellJoy, the wholesale sustainable product supplier and your one-stop destination for sustainable wholesale products from all over the world.

We take pride in offering a wide range of sustainable, eco-friendly, and Fairtrade products made with natural materials such as bamboo, coconut, seagrass, palm leaves, and rattan. Handmade by artisans, our mission is to provide retailers, boutique stores, and chain stores across North America and Europe with high-quality, sustainable goods that promote ethical practices and environmental consciousness.

At ZellJoy, we understand the importance of sustainable living and our choices' impact on the planet. That's why we source our products from artisans and manufacturers who prioritize fair trade practices and utilize renewable resources. By choosing our wholesale sustainable products, you can contribute to a greener future while offering your customers unique, environmentally-friendly options.

Our catalog encompasses a diverse range of sustainable home décor, sustainable kitchenware, sustainable fashion, sustainable beauty products, and personal care items. Whether you want to revamp your store's offerings or start a new eco-conscious collection, we have the perfect products.


Sustainable Wholesale Home Décor Suppliers

Sustainable Wholesale Home Décor Supplier


Discover our sustainable home décor collection, featuring exquisite pieces crafted from natural materials. From bamboo furniture and seagrass baskets to palm leaf wall hangings and rattan planters, these products add a touch of natural elegance to any living space. Help your customers create an eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing environment with our sustainable home décor options.


Sustainable Wholesale Kitchenware Suppliers 

Sustainable Wholesale Kitchenware Supplier


In our sustainable kitchenware section, you'll find an array of eco-conscious alternatives to conventional kitchen products. Replace single-use plastics with bamboo utensils, coconut shell bowls, and reusable beeswax wraps. Embrace sustainable practices in the heart of the home and inspire your customers to adopt greener habits.


Sustainable Wholesale Fashion Suppliers

Sustainable Wholesale Fashion Supplier


Fashion lovers can explore our sustainable fashion collection, showcasing stylish clothing, accessories, and jewelry made from organic fabrics, recycled materials, and natural dyes. From trendy bamboo sunglasses to chic hemp tote bags, our sustainable fashion items are perfect for conscious consumers who want to look good and feel good about their choices.


Sustainable Wholesale Beauty & Personal Care Products Suppliers

Sustainable Wholesale Beauty & Personal Care Products Supplier


Our sustainable beauty products and personal care range will delight beauty enthusiasts. Pamper your customers with skincare items crafted from organic ingredients, cruelty-free cosmetics, and sustainable packaging. Let them indulge in self-care routines that promote personal well-being and environmental stewardship.

By partnering with ZellJoy, you can access a reliable wholesale platform dedicated to sustainability and ethical business practices. Our sourcing team is highly experienced in purchasing, and negotiating and are committed to ensuring a smooth buying experience, prompt deliveries, and personalized customer service.

Join us on our journey towards a greener, more sustainable world. Browse our extensive range of wholesale sustainable products at and make a positive impact on your customers and the planet. Let's embrace sustainability and create a brighter future for future generations.


How ZellJoy makes wholesale sustainable product sourcing easy for you.

How ZellJoy makes wholesale sustainable product sourcing easy for you.

At ZellJoy, we understand the challenges of sourcing wholesale sustainable products for your retail business. Understanding the cultural differences when sourcing from overseas and communicating to make it a smooth buying experience for you. That's why we have streamlined the process to make it easy and convenient for you. 

Over the years, the buyers at ZellJoy have established strong relationships with the artisans and manufacturers of sustainable products from Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, and many other places worldwide.

"ZellJoy makes wholesale sustainable product sourcing a breeze"

1. Extensive Wholesale Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Product Collection:

We curate a wide selection of sustainable products across various categories, including home décor, kitchenware, fashion, beauty, and personal care. You'll find everything you need to create a diverse and eco-friendly product offering for your customers.

2. Ethical and Eco-Friendly Product Sourcing:

We prioritize fair trade practices and sustainable manufacturing methods. Our products are crafted from natural materials like bamboo, coconut, seagrass, palm leaves, and rattan, ensuring minimal environmental impact. By choosing ZellJoy, you can confidently offer your customers products that align with their values.

3. Wholesale Pricing:

We offer competitive wholesale prices, allowing you to maximize your profit margins. Our pricing structure is designed to support your business growth while making sustainable products accessible to a broader audience.

4. Easy Online Ordering:

Our user-friendly website,, provides a seamless online ordering experience. Browse through our catalog, view product details and images, and add items to your cart with just a few clicks. Our intuitive interface makes it easy for you to navigate and find the products you need.

5. Fast and Reliable Shipping:

We understand the importance of timely deliveries. Once your order is placed, our efficient shipping team ensures prompt processing and dispatch. We work with trusted logistics partners to provide reliable shipping services domestically and internationally.

6. Dedicated Purchasing Support:

We are a team of buyers highly experienced with working with overseas production and boutique stores to retail chain stores across North America and we are knowledgeable in production processes and quality control. We bring these valuable experiences and help you every step of the way. Whether you have product inquiries, need assistance with ordering, or require any other support, we are just a phone call or email away.

7. Flexible Ordering Quantities:

We cater to businesses of all sizes, from small boutiques to large retail chains and hotels. Our flexible ordering quantities allow you to meet your specific inventory needs. We can accommodate your requirements whether you require a single product or bulk quantities.

8. New Product Releases:

We continuously update our product catalog to bring you the latest trends and innovations in sustainable goods. Stay ahead of the competition by offering your customers fresh and exciting sustainable products worldwide.

9. Customized Products:

Do you need a design made to your specifications? Let us know and we will work with you on the prototype to final production.

10. Your Logo on products:

Do you need sustainable promotional products? Send us your logo or if you need to create a logo we can help you. Your products can be made with your logo for your own branding.

At ZellJoy, we are committed to simplifying wholesale sustainable product sourcing for retailers like you. By choosing us as your partner, you can confidently build a sustainable and environmentally-conscious product line that resonates with your customers. Experience the ease of sourcing sustainable wholesale products by visiting today.

Need Help Sourcing Wholesale Sustainable Products? Let us know what you are looking for. We are here to help!

Why sustainability is so important?

A sustainable marketplace will showcase healthy products and services for both people and the planet. It brings together a group of suppliers and consumers committed to sustainability. 

When you shop at a sustainable online marketplace, you vote with your wallet for a healthier, cleaner world. 

Sustainability is incredibly important because it ensures our planet's long-term viability and well-being, its ecosystems, and all the life forms that inhabit it, including humans. It is a concept that recognizes the interdependence between the environment, society, and the economy and seeks to find a balance that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Here are some key reasons why sustainability is crucial:

  1. Environmental Protection: Sustainability focuses on preserving and protecting our natural resources, ecosystems, and biodiversity. It aims to minimize pollution, reduce carbon emissions, conserve water, and prevent habitat destruction. By adopting sustainable practices, we can mitigate the negative impacts of human activities on the environment and strive for a healthier planet.
  2. Climate Change Mitigation: Sustainability plays a vital role in addressing climate change, one of the most pressing challenges of our time. By transitioning to renewable energy sources, increasing energy efficiency, promoting sustainable agriculture, and adopting low-carbon transportation systems, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and work towards stabilizing the Earth's climate.
  3. Resource Conservation: Sustainable practices promote responsible resource management. By embracing recycling, reusing materials, and reducing waste generation, we can minimize the strain on finite resources such as minerals, fossil fuels, and freshwater. This approach helps to ensure their availability for future generations and reduces our reliance on unsustainable extraction and consumption patterns.
  4. Social Equity: Sustainability also encompasses social aspects, aiming for equitable and fair societies. It advocates for all individuals' access to education, healthcare, and fundamental human rights. Sustainable development also recognizes the importance of eradicating poverty, reducing inequality, and promoting social justice, ensuring no one is left behind in pursuing a better future.
  5. Economic Stability: Sustainability is closely linked to economic stability and long-term prosperity. By embracing sustainable business practices, companies can improve resource efficiency, reduce operational costs, and enhance their reputation among consumers increasingly demanding environmentally and socially responsible products and services. Sustainable economic growth focuses on creating jobs, fostering innovation, and building resilient communities.
  6. Health and Well-being: A sustainable development approach prioritizes individuals' and communities' health and well-being. By promoting clean air and water, providing access to nutritious food, and creating sustainable urban environments, we can enhance public health and improve the quality of life for everyone.
  7. Interconnectedness: Sustainability recognizes the interconnected nature of our world. It acknowledges the actions we take in one area can have far-reaching consequences in other areas. By adopting a holistic perspective, we can better understand the complex relationships between ecological, social, and economic systems and make informed decisions considering our choices' broader impact.

Sustainability is important because it allows us to protect the environment, mitigate climate change, conserve resources, promote social equity, ensure economic stability, improve health and well-being, and recognize the interconnectedness of our global systems.

By embracing sustainable practices at individual, community, and global levels, we can work towards a more harmonious and resilient future for future generations.

How can a sustainable marketplace help the consumer and the planet? 

When a business offers sustainable brands, it reduces the waste that ends up in landfills.

A sustainable marketplace allows you to make a responsible consumer choice.

You can create a better and cleaner future through the choices you make.