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Our Story, Our Promise

The founders of ZellJoy are Ashanti & Dushani, two close friends from Burlington and Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

"During the pandemic in 2021, we bought more online than at the stores. Seeing boxes filled with so much plastic bubble wrap ending at our homes was the starting point. We switched from plastic bubble mailers to recycled paper mailers as online sellers in 2017 simply because we were conscious and did not want our packages ending in the oceans or landfills".

With a shared love for the beach, kayaking, and exact birthdates, our summers were spent on day trips with our kids picking up plastic trash while getting annoyed at those who left it on the beach. We discussed how much plastic is added unnecessarily to online orders and why no one did anything about it. We realized that no major online sellers required their sellers to be more environmentally conscious, and we cannot change major marketplaces. Therefore, we believed we could do this ourselves and began the journey of ZellJoy.

The name behind ZellJoy

We wanted to add "Joy" to the name as we want to inspire "joy" in what we do and bring "joy" to our Planet, buyers, and sellers. The word "Zell" was chosen because it resonated with the word "Sell." However, "SellJoy" was unavailable to buy as a domain, and we both agreed on "ZellJoy."

The ZellJoy Movement

As mothers, we ask what kind of Earth we leave behind for our children. With the "ZellJoy" Movement, we hope to create awareness and evoke change in people, for a better future for our children.

Why Mindfulness and Loving-Kindness to Our Earth?

  • Awareness happens when "Mindfulness" happens. 
  • Mindfulness occurs when "Loving-Kindness" happens.

We believe in nurturing our children to love and be kind to one another and our environment, the stepping stone to a "Mindful citizen." 

At ZellJoy, we bring these values to our marketplace and our sellers and evoke change within our sellers.

Our Vision

Bring mindful sellers and buyers together to reduce plastic pollution while creating awareness.

Our philosophy

"We bring Green eCommerce with meaningful transparency."

Thank you for reading our story.



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