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Sustainable Marketplace For Ethical & Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable Shopping Made  Easy

ZellJoy brings you a sustainable marketplace to make sustainable shopping easy.

Let's make a difference by supporting these sustainable brands that are consciously making an attempt to create sustainable products. These brands are never mass manufactured and most are handcrafted in small batches by the artisans who designed them.

These ethically made products are packaged plastic-free making them environmentally friendly gifts and products for your home and office.



ZellJoy Sustainable Marketplace

Shop Sustainable Products at ZellJoy Marketplace


The artisans and the sellers at ZellJoy, The Mindful Marketplace, have pledged to package your orders without plastic.ZellJoy sellers are carefully selected and products are curated by the founders of ZellJoy for its sustainability, eco-friendly and fairtrade values.

What is a sustainable marketplace? 

More consumers are now becoming more eco-conscious throughout their shopping journey.

They want to make ethical and responsible choices when buying.

This is where a sustainable marketplace becomes essential. 

In a sustainable marketplace, all the products and services you see have been made ethically and sustainably.

A sustainable marketplace looks at environmental, social, and economic factors to promote long-term sustainability.

This can include using recycled materials in its products (environmental), sourcing ingredients from local suppliers (social), and offering fair wage standards for its workers (economic). 

 A sustainable marketplace meets the needs of the present without negatively affecting the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

In other words, it is about living in a way that does not damage the environment or reduce natural resources.


Package Plastic-Free

Sustainable Jewelry

The sustainably made jewelry is handmade by ASHANTI in Canada and is packaged plastic-free.

Why sustainability is so important?

A sustainable marketplace will showcase healthy products and services for both people and the planet. It brings together a group of suppliers and consumers committed to sustainability. 

When you shop at a sustainable online marketplace, you vote with your wallet for a healthier, cleaner world. 

How can a sustainable marketplace help the consumer and the planet? 

When a business offers sustainable brands, it reduces the waste that ends up in landfills.

A sustainable marketplace allows you to make a responsible consumer choice.

You can create a better and cleaner future through the choices you make.