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Biodegradable Natural Fiber Fabrics

Sustainable Yoga Clothes & Accessories Made in Canada ūüćĀ

Organic Cotton

We pride ourselves on keeping our clothing as natural as we possibly can. Each garment is made with 95% cotton (organic where we can) and just enough Lycra (5%) to ensure comfort during yoga, exercise and long wear times. That’s why Downtown Betty is soooo comfortable to wear. 

Biodegradable Natural Fiber Fabrics

Cotton is one of the easiest fabrics to decompose, making our garments are 95% biodegradable and able to compost under 6 months (in appropriate conditions).

biodegradable cotton leggings

Fashion Minimalism Meets Casual Glamour

Girl Wearing Natural Fiber Clothing Canada - Downtown Betty

Downtown Betty's collective brands include:

Bicycle by Downtown Betty 95 less plastic than most other brands, a natural fiber clothing line, designed with real life in mind. Fashion minimalism meets casual glamour that truly feels as good as naked,  taking you from the yoga studio to a dinner party, to sunset on the beach. 
Downtown Betty Originals silk-screened bags and home accessories for the coolest things in your life.
Bicycle R.e.c.l.a.i.m.e.d.¬†unique fabric finds, created along the way. These work perfectly for life on the bicycle path‚ÄĒquickly becoming everyone‚Äôs favourites.¬†
N.A.K.E.D Bikinis Swimwear for the nudist at heart, where less tan lines is more.
DOGGESS was created to educate on how to care for the Street Dog Population. Founded in 2017 by Downtown Betty on an extended trip to Bali, DOGGESS PRODUCTS have been created to help drive funds towards our rescue efforts and other Active Dog Rescue Communities around the world.
Zero Waste Life & Home¬† sustainability is at the core of everything we do;¬†starting with our¬†most¬†natural fiber fabrics‚ÄĒwhich are 95% biodegradable.¬†¬†We hand-cut every item, leaving very little¬†waste¬†for the¬†landfill,¬†and are always on the lookout to add more¬†Zero-Waste¬†Life & Home products from¬†like-minded¬†brands!¬†

Ethical Fashion At Its Finest 

We choose natural fibers for our products that are a blend of Organic Cotton/Lycra, Cotton/Lycra, or Bamboo/Cotton/Lycra. 
Sustainable Fashion Canada - Downtown Betty
The products are designed, hand-cut to order and made with love in Vancouver, BC by a local collective community! Our clothes and accessories are in people‚Äôs closets or on their bodies‚ÄĒnot in a huge warehouse.¬†
Downtown Betty’s natural fiber clothing is for active, outdoor people, with their finger on the pulse of real-life fashion. The perfect eco yoga wear!
Girl Wearing Eco Yoga Wear - Downtown Betty
As Downtown Betty is ever-evolving, research and development led us to India, Bali and back to Vancouver, Canada; expanding our story, while living the casual glamour life‚ÄĒdialled and styled.¬†
Live brightly and tread lightly,
Downtown Betty

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