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Vitamin E Moisture Cream

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A richly moisturizing unscented cream that softens and hydrates the skin. The antioxidant power of vitamin E can help to protect against the damaging effects of the environment to keep skin looking fresh and youthful. It is also known to reduce the look of scars.

This cream is suitable for all skin types.


This is a powerful antioxidant that can play a crucial role in protecting the skin from environmental elements and damage from free radicals. Vitamin E helps with cell regeneration so can help with preventing aging, wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation and scarring.


Jojoba is not a true oil but a liquid wax that has a structure similar to human sebum.  Making this oil easily absorbed and deeply penetrating. Excellent for all skin types.


Aloe vera has been known for it's healing and soothing effects for centuries and is often referred to as the "burn plant" because of the remarkable way it can heal burns. It's anti-inflammatory properties soothes and tones skin.


It is invaluable as a natural source ingredient with emollient-like properties which can smooth and soften the skin and it assists the skin surface to retain moisture. 

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