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Calm Peaceful Absorbent Bath Towel

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Calm Peaceful Bath Towel has many fantastic qualities that ensure it would be a great welcome to your beach memories.
Calm Peaceful Bath Towel is undyed with a vintage color and cabana strips, it’s light, absorbent and quick dry.

Is The Calm Absorbent Peaceful Towel Eco-Friendly?

The eco-friendly Calm Peaceful Towel is 100% recycled, made from the fabric of discarded t-shirts and plastic bottles. We here at Green Petition have a zero-waste policy, which ensures that any recycled item that is brought through our doors will be used within the products that we sell. The high-quality design of the Calm Peaceful Towel is achieved through using only the best products and materials, which all go through eco-friendly processes to turn it into the luxurious final product that you are able to purchase today! The sustainable Calm Peaceful Towel is one of the finest products produced here at Green Petition, and its durable and multipurpose design is sure to be a welcome addition to any home.

What are The Features of a Calm Peaceful Towel?

  • Quick to dry: Whether you are hoping to use the Calm Peaceful Towel at home or as the newest addition to your beach bag, the quick-dry material is one of the best features of this towel. Drying in around half the time compared to other towel products, whether you are at the beach or hopping out of the shower, you are sure to be met with a warm, dry and luxurious feeling when wrapping yourself with the Calm Peaceful Towel! The double side terry ensures that each side is soft to the touch and can be used to dry yourself quickly and effectively.
  • Undyed and eco-friendly: The Calm Peaceful Towel has been developed using no harmful or toxic chemicals, the colouring is instead achieved through the reusing of the dye from the shirts used in the production process. We here at Green Petition have a policy that ensures that we use all elements of every recycled material that comes through our doors, and this includes the colours in the t-shirt materials used to create the Calm Peaceful Towel.
  • Timeless design: The elegant design used to create the Calm Peaceful Towel ensures that it will be a welcome addition to any home or beach bag for years to come!
  • Reusable packaging: The recycled Calm Peaceful Towel comes in recycled and reusable packing. The packaging that it is delivered in would be the perfect new beach bag to add to your collection! The packaging that the towel comes within measures only 19×35 cm, ensuring that you are able to carry it anywhere you go, be it to your friend’s house or to the beach!

How Absorbent is The Calm Peaceful Towel?

While each of the towels produced by Green Petition boasts extraordinary absorbency, the Calm Peaceful Towel takes this to an entirely new level, providing more absorbency than ever before. This towel is perfect for use either at home or on the beach, and is sure to provide every level of comfort and quality!

Is The Calm Peaceful Towel a Good Quality Product?

The Calm Peaceful towel is made using only the highest quality of products, ensuring a luxurious feel is repeated through every Calm Peaceful towel that makes its way to each of our customers. With its super absorbent structure and high-quality feel, whether you are taking this towel to the beach or plan on using it in your bathroom, you can expect nothing but a warm, soft and luxurious feel whenever this towel is used! For one of the best products that has ever been designed here at Green Petition, look no further than the Calm Peaceful Towel!

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