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Reusable Cotton Make-up Facial Pads

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Washable reusable make up pads made from linen and cotton remnants. They are super soft, great for sensitive skin and area around the eyes.

Reusable pads are clever alternative to disposable wipes, just throw them into the fabric bag and wash. They can be used again and again…and again…

Looking for a holiday gift, wedding gift for guests, house-warming gift for your earth-friendly friends and family? This Linen reusable make up pads set is the perfect choice.

SIZE: 9 cm x 9 cm or 3.54 inches x 3.54 inches approx.

MATERIAL: linen and cotton

COLOR: white linen and white cotton

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: rinse well after use, hand or machine wash (we recommend placing inside a mesh bag when washing as they are so small they can easily get lost!), then either line dry in the sunshine/radiator or tumble dry. Please wash separately if pads were used to remove nail polish to avoid damage to other clothing or fabrics.

Estimated shipping time:
Lithuania: 1-3 business days
Europe: 7-14 business days
United States: 10-20 business days
Elsewhere: 10-28 business days

PACKAGING: You will receive Your order in a carton box, secured with paper tape. No plastic.

We'll do our best to meet these shipping estimates, but can not guarantee them. Actual delivery time might be slightly different, then mentioned above.

---->5 magical powers of linen:

• Extremely absorbent, prevents the development of bacteria, absorbs odor.
• It's very durable and can last decades when cared for correctly. The more it is used and washed the softer it gets.
• Hypo-allergenic - recommended for allergic people.
• Breathable
• Environmentally friendly - the flax plant requires less water and chemicals to be cultivated.

BONUS magic power - it looks and feels wonderful.

Made in Lithuania by Silva.

Made with Love


Our handmade collection of sustainable creations helps you embody the zero waste philosophy in your kitchen, bathroom, and every room of your home.

With fabrics that are as natural as possible including cotton and linen, we strive to create items that simplify your life while working to leave our world a better place.

SUSTAINABLE SHOPPING is your chance to support what is important to you and to our Earth.

Zero waste is a set of principles focused on waste prevention that encourages the redesign of resource life cycles so that all products are reused. The goal is for no trash to be sent to landfills, incinerators or the ocean.

Currently, only 9% of plastic is actually recycled. In a zero waste system, material will be reused until the optimum level of consumption.

Our planet has always followed zero waste principles. For thousands of years, up until the industrial era, waste was not a developed concept because most discarded material from civilisations were used as inputs for other processes, retaining their value in a circular way, just like nature does. But what nature has done through evolution, humankind needs to do by design today .

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown, on one hand, how vulnerable we are as a species; but, on the other hand, how we can fight common threats when we work together. Yet, the most important lesson from this crisis is that, in order to prevent new pandemics, we need to stop the environmental destruction that breeds them.

We are concerned that resorting to disposable items to fight the pandemic only reinforces its root causes. As such, we promote reusable solutions that work in the short- and in the long-term.

What DESEARTH customers say

These are beautifully made and packaged! They were shipped immediately and arrived sooner than expected. Can't wait to save a tree... one reusable towel at a time!


DESEARTH customer

Great customer service and quality of item! This is my second purchase and I will be back for more! Thank you!

Grace on Mar 7, 2022

DESEARTH customer

These are great! I bought 3 different colors, so I can distinguish between the ones I use for dishes, the ones for the kitchen counters, and the ones for the bathroom.

I was worried that they wouldn't be rough enough to really scrub and get grime of dishes, but it turns out they work great!

They have a grittier texture than I expected.



DESEARTH customer

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