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Eco-friendly Air Purifier EcoFan Filters

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EcoFan Filter Shop the best and the most affordable Air Purifier in the market! 

Introducing the World's First Eco-Friendly Air Purifier EcoFan Filter!

Improve Your In-Home Air Quality Without The Cost Of Worsening Humanity’s Home

  • World's First Eco-Friendly Air Purifier
  • Activated Carbon Filter fights odors
  • Biodegradable Casing
  • Zero plastic packaging
  • Doesn't require electricity
  • 80% less than traditional air purifiers
  • Made in the USA

Made in USA

Orders are processed within 2-3 business days

The only eco-friendly air purifying system in the world!

Invented by an American engineer, Adrian Guerrero, this fabulous eco-friendly air purifying system is your affordable solution to purify and clean the air in your home and office!

All you need is a ceiling fan. Easy to install and use, the EcoFan Filter air purifiers effortlessly remove particles from your home's air. 

EcoFan Filters effectively remove odors, dust, dust mites, pet dander, mold, pollen, lint, bacteria, and allergens as small as 0.3 microns.

  • The activated carbon filter inside the EcoFan Filters fights odors.
  • High-grade Merv 13 filtering fabric removes particles at 0.3 Microns.

Eco-friendly Air-Purifier

Made with plastic-free and 100% recycled cardstock, EcoFan Filter is the only eco-friendly air purifier in the world!

Handmade in Downey, CA, USA with

  • Outer casing: 100% decomposable cardstock (paper)
  • Filter: MERV13 filtering fabric, which is composed of polypropylene and acrylic fibers without fiberglass
  • Activated Carbon Filter: Coal, wood, coconut husk, and bamboo
Ecofan Filter Eco-Friendly Air Purifier Downey, California, USA

How to install an EcoFan Filter Air Purifier

STEP 1: Clean and prep the top of your fan blade

STEP 2: Peel off the backing paper of your new EcoFanFilter

STEP 3: Place filter on top of fan blade with the opening towards the rotation direction of your ceiling fan.

Near the motor, stick the filter on top, centered on the fan blade, and flush to the fan arm. 

NOTE: Ensure air direction is entering the EcoFan Filters airflow opening.

Write the installation date on the EcoFan Filter Air Purifier

More tips to optimize your EcoFan Filter

While your fan should spin counterclockwise during the summer months, it needs to turn clockwise during the winter months. Fans should also spin at a low speed to pull cool air upward. The gentle updraft pushes warm air, naturally rising to the ceiling, down the walls, and back to the floor. 

How the EcoFan Filter Air Purifier works

EcoFan Filters work hard to reduce odors, dust mites, pet dander, pollen and other air pollutants from the air in your home. The air rotated with your ceiling fan will efficiently be purified by your EcoFan Filter, giving you fresh, clean air every time you use your ceiling fan.

How EcoFan Filter purifies the air in your home


Completely out of sight when not in use clean air device


 Filters air while remaining out of sight  ceiling-fan-air-purifiers

Recommendations when using EcoFan Filters

  • Do not use outdoors: EcoFan Filters have a biodegradable casing made from 100% recycled paper and not built for outdoor conditions.
  • Do not wash and reuse: EcoFan Filters cannot be washed. Any moisture will begin decomposing as EcoFan Filters are made with 100% recycled paper. 
  • Do not use EcoFan Filters for more than 4 months. We recommend replacing the EcoFan Filters after 4 months of use. 


No more frequent dusting! 

clean dust at home


Before and 3 months after using EcoFan Filter air purifier

Before and after using EcoFan Filter air purifier
  • We recommend having your ceiling fan on medium speed while using an EcoFan Filter.
  • Use soon after delivery: The activated carbon filters will absorb certain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Therefore, we advise using the EcoFan Filters asap while it's most effective.



Can I return my EcoFan Filter? Yes, you have 15 days to return your order, BEFORE it is installed, and it must be in the original package.

What's an activated carbon filter? These filters are most commonly used to remove gases and odors. They are designed to filter gases through a bed of activated carbon and are usually used to combat volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released from common household products.

Why is my ceiling fan shaking or wobbling? Your EcoFan Filter may have been installed incorrectly leading to your ceiling fan becoming imbalanced. Please reach out to us at so we can assist you with installation instructions.

Can I use one if my ceiling fan is rotating counterclockwise? Yes, but you will have to install your filter facing the opposite direction.

Can I use more than one filter in the same ceiling fan? No, this is not recommended because you might burn out your fan motor.

Why are there black particles in my EcoFan Filter? Your filter has a REAL activated carbon filter unlike most air purifiers which have a black sponge.. This activated carbon filter contains processed carbon which is a natural filtration for water and air. So rest assure your filter isn't dirty.

How much is shipping? Shipping is calculated at checkout and is determined by your location. Spend $50 or more on EcoFan Filters to get free shipping to USA.

Check your ceiling fan today to see what you are breathing everyday! 

How to keep your home dust-free

Remove Pet Dander and Odors from your home

Clean pet dander in your home


Finally an affordable air purifier for every home!



Adrian Guerrero

Hope for the Next Generation

Every hour air pollution kills approximately 800 people around the world. We want to lower that statistic by empowering everyone to stand for eco-friendly products that prioritize our health and the health of our world.

Here at EcoFan Filters, we're on a mission to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy cleaner indoor air quality, without the guilty conscience of worsening humanities air quality. In an attempt to improve our indoor air quality, we often turn towards plastic products which exacerbates the air pollution problem. Every air purifier on the market today actually sets us back in lowering the world's air pollution.

Why? because they're made of plastic. These products eventually end up in landfills breakdown into microplastics which contaminate our food, oceans, water, and air. Worst of all, these plastic air purifiers are made from fossil fuel, releasing tons of co2 into our atmosphere during their manufacturing process. Which is why we created EcoFan Filters. The air you deserve, made simple.


Our Values


Being a small company is our best advantage which makes your needs are our biggest priority. To meet your needs, we will never compromise our values or cut corners to reduce costs. We will put the environment before profit. And we will always be transparent about production and keep environmental impact to an absolute minimum.



We believe less is more and want to give you the simplest eco-friendly, air-purifying solution. LESS plastic products mean MORE clean air in our atmosphere, a motorLESS design means MORE progress away from fossil fuel energy sources and LESS bulky products mean easy manufacturing with MORE savings for you. The air purifying market is saturated with companies selling the same product in different colors; we dared to change all that.



We want to provide a product that makes choosing sustainability a no-brainer without compromising quality, performance, and convenience. We also wanted to give you access to indoor clean air throughout your household without compromising due to affordability.


We will always use high-quality materials to manufacture our product regardless of cost. Most of our materials come from reputable USA vendors that support aerospace companies and we don't plan on changing that.

What ECO FAN FILTER customers say


Perfect during summer! Keeps the air in my room fresh. My old air purifier was so loud.

Yvette M on Jul 26, 2021



Exactly what we needed since we have a couple of indoor dogs. Product works great, helps keep the air moving and it's completely out of sight

Vanessa G. on Jul 16, 2021



I was skeptical about this product but decided to give it a shot. After only 2 months, my ecofan filter has collected sooo much dust and god knows what else...

Monica P. on Jul 16, 2021


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